A future waiting to know...

Submitted by nmeegama on Sat, 02/17/2018 - 16:28

A lifetime a lifetime of mistakes and courage

the People the people that surround you each day

It hurts it hurst when you know you will leave them

its best, its best if you go first and not see them go

Selfish is it selfish to feel this way or is it fear to just let go


to think, to think if you did do the right thing

If not, if not just turn back and say sorry

You wish, you wish you could go back in time

Just fix, just fix what you left there to die

But no, you just cannot go back and lie


I tried, you say, but did you try hard enough

The choices, the choices you made at that time

Is it better, will it be if you were not existing

Will they make it, just make it to the top without me

But will they, will they be the same without me


a mess, a mess that you cannot clean

the hurdles, are the troubles you face along 

its them, its them that you hurt and make happy

But stay, just stay because you love them anyway

The past, the past is where you cannot go,

 but the future is waiting to know….