Enable Outside In experience in your Drupal 8 site

You might have seen the new users experience that Drupal 8 provides. Its provides on the fly block placement and menu configuration. The new experience is called "The outside in experience". Read more about it here. SO however if you are wondering how you can get hands on experience you need to do the following.


You will need to update to Drupal 8.2.0

Modules to enable:

Place Blocks module

Passing data within your controllers

 * Created by nmeegama on 8/27/16.
/************ Controller to set the data *******************/
(function (angular) {

    'use strict';
    angular.module('MyApp').controller('SetDataCtrl', [
        '$scope', 'MyService',
        function ($scope, MyService) {

            $scope.setData = function (data) {


/************ Controller to get the data *******************/
(function (angular) {

    'use strict';
    angular.module('MyApp').controller('GetDataCtrl', [